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I came in with lower back spasms, and couldn’t walk well or sit.  I was in constant pain.  Since seeing Dr Peer the swelling and spasms have gone.  I am able to sit and walk long periods of time without pain.  At times I couldn’t even drive to Richmond Hill.  Now I’m driving to Utah!! Without fear of pain.

William R Kilmer

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Liberty County Clinic of Chiropractic
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byBrandy onLiberty County Clinic of Chiropractic

All I can say is, "oh my wow, wow"! A few months ago I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. My neck, back, right arm and hip were injured. I was having problems sleeping, climbing stairs, headaches, and numbness in my arms. I surely thought there was not any hope of recovery. then I met Dr. Peer, what a wonderful man and doctor. After 2 months of visits I sleep through he night; I can climb stairs with no problem; headaches are gone; my arms no longer go numb; and most important i can dance again. So i can say is" oh my wow, wow!"

Thank you

~ Brandy

byMaria onLiberty County Clinic of Chiropractic

I came to Dr. Peer's office for lower back pain that I have had for thirty years and a shoulder that always was in pain. I would barely move if I worked out in my garden and couldn't be out there more than two or three hours and then I'd be in bed for three days. Since coming to Dr. Peer I'm happy to report that yesterday I spent 5 hours in my yard and today I'm pain free and taking a walk of a mile or two just for the pleasure of it. I am no longer taking the pain killer Darvocet. My overall health and well-being is so much better

~ Maria

byTina onLiberty County Clinic of Chiropractic

After several years of back and forth pain in my lower back and hip I was at my wits end. The pain was unbearable in any position, the pain would never go away.

I had relied on regular doctors, meds, and physical therapy for all of those years to no avail. i had NEVER tried a chiropractor and was rather skeptical about it.

I came to Dr. Peer in MAJOR pain and in lots of tears. I couldn't care for my children the way I needed to. I couldn't even drive without being in tears.

Dr. Peer got me on a regular weekly regime of therapy with him. Now, after six weeks, I'm almost at 100%. I honestly could NOT believe how bad my back was. My hips and whole spine was way off. I am BEYOND AMAZED with the results.

Looking at the X-Rays from beginning til now, made me almost cry. I was so blessed by this place and these people and this Doctor.

LCCC is an awesome blessing to this area. Their spirit and faith based business makes them #1. I would drive an hour to see them if need be.

I am forever grateful to them. I will never be able to repay them for the return of my health, my piece of mind, and overall state of mind. They have forever blessed my heart. My children can now run and play with mommy and that ALONE is a huge blessing.

Thank You! I LOVE Y'ALL

~ Tina